Työmiehen vaimo

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Author: Minna Canth
Adapted by: Tiia-Maria Tuominen
ISBN: 978-606-94827-1-1 (print)
978-606-94827-2-8 (PDF)
Publishing date: 10.10.2019
Format: 115mm x 185mm
Pages: 74

Työmiehen vaimo is a theater play by Minna Canth first published in 1885. Johana has just got married with Risto. Their happiness starts to fade soon, as Risto is not the good man Johanna imagined. Risto drinks all day long and spends all their money. Risto also spends more time with her former fiancée Homsantuu, a gipsy girl. Johana and Homsantuu both suffer because of Risto, and the women are always to blame. Equality, power, law and justice: how were they like in Finland during that time?
This edition, part of the Finnish Easy Reading series, is written in simplified Finnish, suitable for readers with beginner Finnish language skills. The book contains also vocabulary footnotes and a practice section with questions and vocabulary exercises.

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