D-l Goe (Audiobook, RO-EN)


D-l Goe (audio book + English parallel text)
Author: I. L. Caragiale
Adapted and translated by: Florin Dimulescu
Janice Johnson
ISBN: 978-606-9691-07-6 (PDF+MP3)
Publishing date: 7.03.2021
Format: Audio book with Romanian-English parallel text
PDF: A4; Audio: MP3
Pages: 11

B - Mediu D-l Goe (Master Goe) is a classical Romanian sketch story written by Ion Luca Caragiale. The story follows a boy called Goe who is on a trip to Bucharest along with his mother, grandmother and Aunt Mița. The story is part of the author's best known work Momente și schițe (Short Stories and Sketches) depicting the ordinary life of the late nineteenth century.

There are two audio files, one at normal speed and one at a slightly slower pace – for beginners.

The PDF contains the transcribed audio text in Romanian and an English translation, as a parallel text.


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